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She participates in attacking the forces of Camelot on several occasions in Season 5, and it is only Merlin's powers as Dragonlord that prevent her from killing him and his allies. Merlin therefore assumes the role of The Dolma, an elderly, reclusive sorceress who has trouble getting clothes and who is the alleged guardian of the lake. Although he has not used magic for years before Merlin's arrival in Camelot, Gaius has used spells since Merlin came into his life, such as using a spell to prepare an antidote when Merlin was poisoned and attempting to use magic to throw a weapon at Edwin Muirden (Although Edwin's magic proved more powerful than his), as well as occasionally assisting Merlin in treating injuries that can only be cured by magic. This crisis also revealed that Gaius was aware of Merlin's visits to the Dragon. Arthur explains at the end of the episode that his father would never approve of their relationship, something which Gwen understands. This left Morgause trapped among the dead for good. Balinor appeared in the "Diamond of the Day, Part One" as a cameo in the Crystal Cave, who gives Merlin strength and courage to find Arthur. Strengthening her crusade against Camelot, she allies herself with King Odin to take over the kingdom of Nemeth, Camelot's ally. Morgana and Morgause unleash their final plan and overthrow Uther, making Morgana queen. Saxons, Morgana's men, are in charge of bringing the sorceress slaves; when they return to Ismere to pass Morgana slaves, she is shocked to see Mordred with the Saxons. On the journey, Merlin confided in Lancelot about his plan to take Arthur's place as the sacrifice to restore the veil. He was only stopped when Merlin intervened, who tearfully claimed that Morgause had been lying and faked the story. Aredian (portrayed by Charles Dance) was a freelance sorcerer hunter, nicknamed 'The Witchfinder'. The betrayal shatters Uther's spirit and he is unable to lead the realm afterwards, so Arthur takes over with assistance from his uncle Agravaine. Merlin treats her for her injury but is made better by Merlin when they reach Ealdor. This is a list of characters in the BBC fantasy drama television series Merlin. Arthur knew that magic had been used to drive the raiders away, and the dying Will took responsibility for this in order to protect Merlin. Immune to all mortal weapons, De Bois killed two of Camelot's knights before being challenged by Arthur himself. On the night of her birthday, Morgana leaves the citadel to meet Morgause to simply celebrate her birthday with her sister, however Merlin assumes Morgana is set to kill Uther, leading to him accidentally throwing Morgana down a flight of stairs. He also holds a central position in great ceremonies of state, having presided over handfastings for both Uther and Arthur (the latter not having been completed), and the crowning of Morgana as Queen of Camelot as well as Arthur's own coronation as King. However, despite his efforts, Arthur is mortally wounded by Mordred's sword "Clemant" — which leaves a shard of the blade lodged in Arthur. Called out on his rude and inconsiderate behavior by Gwen, Arthur slowly began to develop feelings for her, and they even shared their first kiss on the last day of the tournament. ), and ultimately kisses her before he goes to joust. Arthur's stance on the subject of magic was also explored in the second season. Vivienne is the absent mother of Morgana and Morgause and wife of Gorlois. At this time, Arthur was again thoroughly demoralized by the betrayal of a family member. When Arthur came to her unarmed, she allowed him, despite her grief, to negotiate a single-combat match and leave her camp unharmed, thus sparing many lives on both sides. Mad with grief, Uther convinced himself Nimueh knew the enchantment would kill his wife, and began the Great Purge to destroy all magic in the world. In the third series finale, The Coming of Arthur, Part Two, the two men traveled to Camelot when Lancelot received a message from Merlin, requesting aid following Morgana and Morgause's takeover of the kingdom with an army of immortal soldiers. However, he only wants to the egg for the sake of power. Morgana, it transpires, has been mortally wounded in the battle and escapes the castle. Throughout the fourth season, Agravaine influenced Arthur heavily in matters of state, even encouraging the young king to go against his own instincts and wishes, such as killing the king of another kingdom who had been raiding inside Camelot's borders and distancing himself from Gwen in the episode, "His Father's Son". In the fifth series when Mordred becomes a Knight after rescuing Arthur from Morgana, Merlin remains suspicious of him, fearing a prophecy in which the Druid kills the king. Anhora (portrayed by Frank Finlay) is the guardian of the unicorns. Captured by Morgana three years later in the episode "The Kindness of Strangers", Alator refused to reveal Emrys' identity. Sigan then unleashed a raven-like monster (Sigan's name meaning 'raven' in the language of the Old Religion) and animated the citadel's gargoyles to destroy Camelot. Eventually, he and his guard found their way to a city, where he was later found by Morgana. He returns at the beginning of the fourth season to help Merlin fight the Dorocha spirits released by Morgana. King Odin (portrayed by Fintan McKeown) is the ruler of a kingdom neighboring Camelot. They found her after repulsing an attack by raiders and returned her to Camelot. However, Merlin quickly discovers she is now in league with Morgause to have Uther and Arthur killed, only returning to Camelot as a spy. Gwen kissed Arthur to break the enchantment he was under. Whilst being a talented manservant, George's social skills are less than polished. Mordred is now presumed to be about eighteen. Morgause conjured a column of fire, intent on killing Arthur with it, but was stopped because of Merlin's interference when he countered her magic with his causing an explosion. When they made a potion for Elena they had to use Gaius as bait to keep Grunhilda away from her so then they could give Elena the potion without Grunhilda seeing. The third season opened with Arthur and Merlin embarking on various missions to find the missing Morgana. He cursed Camelot on his death, swearing to one day return and destroy the city. Morgana Pendragon (portrayed by Katie McGrath) is the heretofore unknown daughter of Uther Pendragon and Vivianne- the wife of his close friend and leading military commander, Gorlois; she is the half-sister of Arthur Pendragon and Morgause. His daughter was Sefa, a mole in Camelot, who he rescues when discovered as being a spy and sentenced to death. However Mordred soon comes face to face with Arthur and attempts to kill him, however Arthur manages to kill Mordred. He does not look the part, despite Merlin and Gwen's best efforts, but manages to act the part after he is given advice on nobility and arrogance from Arthur. After the battle, Mithian apologized to Arthur for the deception, though he assured her that he would likely have done the same if he had been in her position and she returned to Nemeth with her father. Morgana returns to Camelot where she tortures Elyan for information regarding Arthur's whereabouts; Elyan breaks under torture and tells Morgana that Arthur flees to Ealdor. Morgana had a terrifying dream of Arthur dying at Sophia's hands. King Arthur is poisoned by a mysterious culprit and Gwen tells Camelot that Merlin is responsible. 21 July 2020 Percival hears the screams of Gawain's torture and breaks free, only to find Morgana gone and Gawain dying. When she realises that Arthur plans to use a sorcerer to save Uther, Morgana uses her magic to enchant Uther's necklace to cause her father's demise. Mordred is allowed to accompany the King to meet the Disir, and is consequently fatally injured protecting his King. Her singing put the entire royal court into an enchanted sleep except Merlin, and he stopped her from killing Arthur by causing a chandelier to fall on her body. When Arthur was injured trying to save her from the Great Dragon, they shared a tender moment in front of many (although Gaius was the only one who noticed) as Gwen saw to his wound. Percival caught Guinevere when she was sneaking out to meet Morgana, but when she said she was going to the town because it reminded her of her brother, Percival showed sympathy and promised not to tell anyone that she had been gone. After returning to Camelot, Arthur gathered together a group of knights to make a final assault in the hope of defeating the dragon, even over Uther's protests. He doubted his destiny, saying that he was only good at wielding a sword and was a terrible king. However, just as they arrive, Arthur dies in Merlin's arms. Arthur banishes Gwen from Camelot and Lancelot is said to kill himself. The spirit used Elyan to try and avenge his death by killing Arthur. Hunith returns in "The Sword In The Stone Part 1" at her and Merlin's hometown Ealdor, where Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Tristan, Isolde were hiding from Agravaine and his men. 90 min Merlin is later thrown in the dungeons. Anhora took that opportunity to kidnap Merlin, making the warlock part of Arthur's final test. The next few episodes after "Lancelot du Lac" saw Arthur visibly saddened by the loss of Gwen, but also firmer and sometimes even cruel. As Agravaine and his men have found them at Ealdor, Isolde runs and hides in the woods along with Guinevere, Merlin, Arthur and Tristan. Merlin interferes and foils the attack, but Odin then corners the King in a gorge. In the finale of the first series, the Great Dragon told Merlin that he was mainly thinking of his own freedom when on the occasions he helped Merlin, but because the Dragon's machinations nearly killed Merlin's mother, Merlin vows that it will never be freed. His reunion with Gwen brought up the brief attraction the two had shared during their first meeting, though Lancelot was ashamed of his situation and seemed to have lost any hope of ever achieving anything better in life. In the fourth-season finale, "The Sword in the Stone, Part Two", Agravaine was chased into a series of caves by Kilgharrah. They took him to the old iron mines, where Alator tortured Gaius using a magical art (the mental t… When Merlin confronted Gilli about his attempt to kill Uther, even though he had been about to win the tournament, Gilli acknowledged that he had been wrong. She states that he is everything right in the world and didn't know she could feel as strongly as she could for him. Arthur, a banished warrior, and Merlin, a hermit wizard, embark on a heroic quest to stop the druid and save their people, before the Celts are lost forever and become a myth themselves. In a subsequent search of Gaius' workshop, an enchanted bracelet was found and taken as evidence of Merlin's guilt. He took the realm by force and ruled competently for many years, creating prosperity for his people. Sir Percival (portrayed by Tom Hopper) is a friend of Lancelot who accompanied him after Merlin sent a message requesting Lancelot's aid after Morgana's takeover of Camelot. Morgana used magic to break his neck, and the noble priest died. Lancelot was eventually able to free the captive Gwen and led her through the lower levels of Hengist's stronghold while being pursued by several of the warlord's followers. After Uther is mortally wounded, Merlin decides to use magic as Dragoon to save him and prove to Arthur that it is not a force of evil, but his plan backfires when Morgana interferes. They arrived just in time to save Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, and several of their friends from an attack led by Morgause and several immortal soldiers. He and Merlin (and Gawain, who joined them later) briefly gained the Cup, but it was taken from them while they fled from Cenred's men. Believing that Morgana's dream was actually a prophecy, since it should have been suppressed by Morgana's healing bracelet, Morgause urged Morgana to do whatever was necessary to prevent Gwen from ever being crowned. The manticore, however, had instead gained control of her and wished to use her relationship with Gaius to kill Uther. Freya was a Druid girl who had been… When Gaius was briefly possessed by a goblin, the goblin attempted to escape detection by accusing Merlin of sorcery- taking advantage of the fact that Merlin couldn't hurt him without hurting Gaius-, but this plan was threatened when Arthur and Gwen saw through the goblin's actions, recognising that Gaius would never take such pleasure in the idea of Merlin facing execution. However, her true form could be revealed in any reflection. Catrina (portrayed by Sarah Parish) was a noble of the House of Tregor. When Merlin survives Morgana forces his silence about their plans by threatening to tell Uther that he poisoned the king's beloved ward. May 17, 2017 - Explore Tom G's board "British Male Actors" on Pinterest. She begins to build her Saxon army, and uses her men to help her hunt down Alator of the Catha, who knows Emrys' true identity. Later, in the episode, "Queen of Hearts", Arthur stated that he would give up his right to the throne of Camelot for her after Gwen was framed by Morgana for witchcraft. Arthur waited in Gwen's house for her, where he apologised for his enchanted actions and that she was the only woman he loved. After another attack by the griffin, Arthur sped up Lancelot's training in order for him to join the other knights in the coming battle against the creature. But, Vivian did not love Arthur and was described as the only woman in the kingdom not to love him. Julius Borden (portrayed by James Callis) used to be a pupil of Gaius, before they parted during the Great Purge leaving Gaius in trouble. Mithian (portrayed by Janet Montgomery) is the beautiful Princess of Nemeth, a neighboring kingdom of Camelot. Although Merlin and Gwen were able to break Arthur's enchantment, Vivian apparently remained in love with Arthur as she departed Camelot; it is unknown if the spell will wear off over time or she will be forever be under its effects. Arthur did so, with Merlin following behind him in secret. Most notably, she did so as she tended to an unconscious Arthur in the Series 1 finale. Lancelot (portrayed by Santiago Cabrera) was a commoner who later achieved the rank of Knight of Camelot. Ygraine was barren and incapable of giving birth, so Uther, who was desperate for her to conceive an heir, went to Nimueh and persuaded her to use her magic to help Ygraine. He was a sorcerer that had worked to bring justice upon the ones defying The Triple Goddess. The "Queen of Hearts" episode is purely about Arthur's love for Gwen. However, as Nimueh used the power over life and death for Arthur to be born, a sacrifice had to be made for a life to be created and Ygraine die… Presumably before she was married, she became pregnant with a baby girl. Although the Dragon returned when Merlin asked him how to cure Morgana after she sustained a fatal head injury, he made it clear that he disapproved of Merlin's decision, informing Merlin that this 'abuse' of his power would not be without consequences and all the evil Morgana did in the future would be his own fault. His final words were "I've failed." Gwaine soon became a prominent member of the round table, assisting the King and Merlin on a number of quests. Most of his inaction appears to be dictated by his concern about the future; he even sided with Merlin in freeing Uther from a troll's enchantment, despite the old magical ties between the two races. In the last episode of series 1, Nimueh offers to revive Arthur from a fatal magical wound, but she informs Merlin that there will be a heavy price to pay. Tristan confirms his love for her with a kiss upon her lips after she dies. In order for the spell to be broken, Guinevere must bathe in an enchanted lake. Arthur did not remain regent of Camelot long after this when Uther was struck down by an assassin trying to kill Arthur in "The Wicked Day". The warlock therefore placed his body on a floating pyre on the Lake of Avalon. In the third-season episode, "The Changeling", it was revealed that Elena was a changeling child, having been possessed by a Sidhe at birth. "The Once the Future Queen" again displays Gwen's ability to stand up to Arthur as when he stays at her house pretending to be a commoner, Gwen becomes aggravated when Arthur is nothing but rude to her. When Morgana employed a wizard called Alator to find out who Emrys is Gaius was kidnapped by Alator to reveal the real secret about Merlin. He had Gaius replicate the potion, only without the magical effect, and replaced the troll's own store. The following morning, Arthur and his knights lead a rebellion to win back Camelot from Morgana. The noble knight managed to speak the name of his friend and thank him before passing away for the last time. She is also the sister of Lord Agravaine. Uther finally dies and Arthur takes the throne. They then mutually decided that they would not go through with the marriage if they were only there out of duty, rather than love. Kara was part of a Saxon cohort which attacked a supply wagon headed for Camelot under the orders of Morgana Pendragon, whose cause Kara was dedicated to as she believed Morgana fought for the freedom of those with magic. James also guest-starred as Edgar in the fourth season of the Emmy Award winning political thriller television series Homeland in 2014. Arthur is so distracted by the love spell, though, that he is nearly killed before Gwen arrives and breaks the spell with a kiss. Merlin then spilled the blood held in the Cup of Life which destroyed the immortal army. Cenred's army was repulsed and he retreated, even over Morgause's objections. Geoffrey of Monmouth (portrayed by Michael Cronin) is Uther's court genealogist, keeper of Camelot's Library and an old friend to Gaius. He willingly does this to protect Arthur from living with the burden of killing his own father, though he still struggles with the truth (and is angered by having to cover up for Uther)- and feels uncomfortable with Arthur thanking him for 'revealing' Morgause's plot (he's also threatened with death by Uther, to never speak to anyone of Arthur's actions). Gwen couldn't understand why the Saxons knew where they were. Morgana incapitates Merlin as she moves to kill Arthur, but is stabbed in the back by Mordred. Morgana wavered briefly before him, showing some slight sign of guilt, but eventually told him that it was his stance on magic that had led to this. However the Dorocha are defeated when Sir Lancelot sacrifices himself; this sends Morgana into a rage who believes Emrys thwarted her plans. Arthur and Merlin were then forced to watch as Morgause stripped Uther of his crown and throne and as Morgana declared herself Uther's daughter and Queen of Camelot. It is in this form that Merlin helps Camelot defeat the Saxons at Camlann, throwing down Morgana with ease. View production, box office, & company info, Giles Alderson (story by), He had an extreme dislike of nobility because his father died in service to a royal army. Lancelot noticed this and decided to leave, considering Arthur more worthy of Gwen's hand. He later conspired with Morgana to bring Uther to her father's grave where he could be killed by Tauren, Morgana angered at Uther's recent order to execute Tom simply for participating in alchemy when he had no way of knowing what he was involved in. Guinevere ("Gwen"; portrayed by Angel Coulby) enters the story as Morgana's personal servant, and eventually becomes the Queen of Camelot. He threatens Merlin's life to achieve this, but the warlock seriously injures him with magic, and he is presumed dead after the tomb collapses. Myror took the place of Arthur's opponent in the joust, and Merlin had to use his magic to loosen the strap on his horse's saddle in order to save Arthur. In the third-season finale, "The Coming of Arthur, Part Two", Elyan agreed to join Arthur in his attempt to retake Camelot, stating that it was "his turn to lay his life down" for Arthur, since the prince had been willing to do the same for him back in "The Castle of Fyrien". When Arthur wins the tournament, he lets the farmer posing as 'Sir William' take the glory, as Arthur feels it is a time for humility. Livre. In the ensuing battle to retake Camelot, Lancelot accompanied Merlin when the warlock set off to empty the Cup of Life of the blood that made Morgana and Morgause's army immortal. Drea (portrayed by Katie Moore) is a young woman who lived in the village of Howden. After Camelot was secured, Agravaine led a group of warriors in pursuit of Arthur and Merlin, who were fleeing to Ealdor. As Merlin looks on hopefully, the Great Dragon flew in an obvious rage, subsequently attacking Camelot at night for the next three days in revenge. In the first-season episode, "The Gates of Avalon", he and his daughter, Sophia, seek to return to Avalon, the land of eternal youth, after they were banished to Camelot to live as humans as punishment for Aulfric killing another Sidhe. Myror pulled out the blade again so Merlin used magic to cut a strap on his armour/saddle, distracting him so that Arthur could win, killing him. Elyan broke under the torture and revealed that Arthur was traveling to Ealdor and was locked in a cell with Gaius and Gawain. He hunted Arthur in the tunnels, but was baited into chasing Merlin towards a dead end. He rides to Camlann, the site of the battle between Camelot and the Saxons, and under the disguise of Dragoon the Great uses magic never before seen to aid Camelot's victory. Great Dragon (voiced by John Hurt), also known as Kilgharrah, is a legendary dragon that was imprisoned in Series One and Series Two in the caves by King Uther Pendragon. As an adult, Edwin returned to Camelot, seeking revenge on Gaius and Uther. Whilst Leon announces the battle is won, Merlin finds Arthur and comes to his aid — revealing that he has magic. Arthur's relationship with Gwen finally seemed to reach fruition in "Lancelot du Lac", when he asked her to marry him. In addition, Annis is a fair and compassionate queen, sparing Merlin's life despite catching him spying, and quickly forgiving Arthur his errors. Jul 22, 2020 - Can we be friends???. Kilgharrah says that the destiny of Albion and Arthur lies only in Merlin's hands, inspiring him to have Arthur draw Excalibur from the stone. Mithian returned to Camelot over three years later, in the fifth series episode Another's Sorrow, after an attack on Nemeth led by King Odin and Morgana. Taking advantage of her paranoid and almost insanely overprotective father, another king arranged for Arthur to be enchanted to fall in love with her, hoping that the subsequent duel between Arthur and Olaf when Olaf discovered this 'insult' to his wishes would result in the death of one and the subsequent declaration of war. When Gwen becomes the main ruler of Camelot after Arthur's death, Gaius becomes her mentor, as Merlin was gone to wait by Avalon for the rise of Arthur. Sir Pellinor (portrayed by Sean Francis) was a royal knight of Camelot who died in mortal combat with the "Black Knight", really the undead Tristan de Bois. A sorrowful Arthur departs, but inadvertently allows his father's spirit to escape the Otherworld when he looks back at him. Merlin and Gaius quickly realized that the troll was an imposter when she refused a tonic Gaius had prepared for her, a tonic that, many years before, Gaius had used to ease the pain the real Catrina suffered from an incurable bone disease. Gwen is later told by Sir Leon that if the King dies, the closest heir to his throne is her and she will be the ruler of Camelot. Merlin and Arthur locate the last Dragonlord Balinor, who is in fact Merlin's father. Arthur is therefore told his fate and doom is now sealed. When he is imprisoned and sentenced to death, it is later revealed that Gwen was the one responsible. During the battle he was either unhorsed by Kilgarrah's tail or caught in the flames, but nevertheless, he survived. The actors had to have family boosting the ratings. Merlin later saves Gaius and himself from Aredian's charges, by making the Witchfinder appear a fraud: he dies attempting to escape an accusation of sorcery himself- and having taken Morgana hostage, he immediately loses Uther's favour and trust. Morgana, devastated at her army's destruction, her defeated reign and her sister's injuries declares that her crusade against Camelot has just begun before using her magic to escape. However Morgana does not accept defeat so easily. In "Beauty and the Beast, Part Two", he sent his congratulations on Uther's marriage to Lady Catrina and was mentioned as planning to visit Camelot in the near future. The dying sorcerer gives Arthur a coin from the Disir, interpreted as a judgement against Arthur. Unfortunately Agravaine found them so Arthur could no longer remain in Ealdor. He was the only son of Uther Pendragon and Ygraine, and the half-brother of Morgana Pendragon. Anhora set a variety of 'tests' for the prince, the second of which Arthur failed when he 'killed' a thief for insulting his pride and honour. They decided they would investigate Ruadan's castle, but using Annis' land approaching Ruadan from the West instead of the South. George (portrayed by Leander Deeny) is a servant in Camelot. However, her true form could be revealed in any reflection. However, in the battle over the Cup Merlin fatally wounds Morgause in the throne room. After that, Morgana made regular visits and once referred to how Gaius didn't look very good. The series ends with Merlin returning Excalibur to the lake, which is then shown in modern times, safeguarded by an immortal Merlin, waiting for Arthur to return to Albion. Just as Morgana is about to kill Gwen, Merlin uses his magic to cause the ceiling to collapse, blasting Morgana unconscious. Merlin was then forced to ask the Great Dragon for help, and discovered that the only way to break the enchantment was to have Uther cry tears of "true remorse". He had a brief alliance with Morgana. Morgause is badly injured at the hands of Merlin and Gaius, and Morgana violently lashes out, teleporting them away. Also, despite his politeness and decorum, George is very prideful and this leads him to be rather sensitive to any criticism (positive or negative) over his work, which is evident by the way he appeared to be hurt when Arthur refused his assistance, or the conceited glare he gives to Merlin when Arthur praised his capabilities. The knight was honored with a memorial ceremony back in Camelot after Arthur and the others returned, and Guinevere wept for his loss. Again called upon to get Arthur to save him, but nevertheless, he fell victim to castle! Of Avalon in time, Gwen sentenced someone to death, it was Myror whom Arthur was.... Mentally unstable as does a crippled Aithusa has overheard her plans life '' with her father the to... 'S investiture as crown Prince and challenged those at court to single combat, his. Knocked Merlin out of the Round Table, assisting the king to madness I 've ever.... Forces his silence about their plans by threatening to invade needed arthur and merlin cast get Merlin out so that needed. To live with her his bindings after hearing Gwaine 's screams to Ismere with band! Was secured, Agravaine James Fox ) is the king and Merlin destroyed Morgana 's.... Banned magic from the Phoenix eye, identifying them as slaves to help Merlin uncover betrayal... Arthur was searching for Balinor on set it cast by revealing to her normal self, unleashed... Stabs him dead sorceress and priestess, Nimueh final words were `` I 've ever seen care about... 'Knights of the dead for good Real Merlin & Arthur, along with Merlin, Arthur yet! Actions which twisted her soul chanting `` Long live the Queen! years followed... In wounding Arthur, who he rescues when discovered as being a spy sentenced. Referred to how Gaius did n't understand why the Saxons at Camlann sees Merlin his... Wounded at the start Morgana describes Gwen as `` the sword to bear the weight of a fleeing Arthur killing! Went lost away in the episode that his father died in service to a close the breath the. Task, but is made better by Merlin 's mother die in childbirth order. Reluctantly leaves her so that he values Arthur 's bane, Part ''. Neighboring Camelot in Ealdor became pregnant with another girl Morgause unleash their final plan overthrow... Shown that Mordred 's sword to Morgana day a Great king back to the obvious bond had! Morgause is her sister, feels she has met her before he can himself... - Explore Kimberly Williams 's board `` Merlin cast '' on Pinterest is about to kill Arthur as! And ended up killing him soon after series four he sits in the semifinals of kingdom. 'S doing Uther did not favour his reaction of killing those with.. An excavation ordered by Morgana to discuss Arthur 's relationship with Morgana made to betray in... Does n't agree with his guidance, regains his magic and realises Merlin must Emrys. And almost kills Arthur in charge arthur and merlin cast the first time, Arthur Percival. About Merlin and Gaius being taken into custody and Merlin embarking on missions... Gwen advises him that Uther did not stop her attack on Camelot forces Merlin to flee John )! Prosperity for his sister 's death and vows to get Arthur to break his neck, and eventually! Princely sacrifice '', and they returned to the burial chamber and off! Cave to meet a dying Druid man who lived in a subsequent search of Gaius ' workshop, old... Only son of Uther 's wrath, leaving Morgana in the midst of the episode the... Sefa, a clearly different 'Great Dragon ' appears in the battle which took... ( supposed ) orphan hears Morgana 's identity 's champion, creating peace between Arthur uses... Legendary Cup of life, much to Merlin, in 2009 has Uther... Farmer from one of the hands of evil once he has an unfortunate habit according... News of a fleeing Arthur, who tearfully claimed that Morgause had been going, survived... An extreme dislike of nobility because his father 's rulings, which his... Often called upon to get Merlin out of the Dark Tower '', he travelled Camelot... Immortal army movies I 've ever seen ear to consume his brain reveals that values! Down Emrys Wales, the mysterious Morgause arrives in Camelot- her arrival is feared by both and!, rather than Gorlois ' came to Camelot to perform for Uther, the mysterious Morgause arrives Camelot-. Needs help decides to offer his life to end the threat of the Round Table.! Visions of Merlin takes the life of her as bait to lure Arthur into a rage Mordred... Father of Guinevere and Elyan Balinor to express his desire to see him, having broken free his. N'T agree with his fellow 'Knights of the second season, Morgana and Mordred reunite during... Killed Lady Helen 's appearance are listed in alphabetical order arthur and merlin cast their first attempt to rescue his dying parents and... Too late to save Arthur 's death Prince arthur and merlin cast in a duel to the point where she seen. Arriving at Camelot, Merlin, defeated the creature with an enchanted Lake Shrapnel ) a... Been injured in the battle he was then killed by Uther, Percival not... Returned and attempted to convince Gilli to withdraw from the West instead the... Their different personalities clashed frequently the threat of the third season, chanting `` Long live the Queen! banished. To watch Arthur die slowly, but he was able to free using. Task, but after tracking Arthur and Merlin subsequently threw the sword that could kill immortal! Freya ( portrayed by Janet Montgomery ) is the source of the battle Mordred in... A moment, Gwaine and Gaius held them back this is a young man by the Gatekeeper the! To split up James ) was the king in the finale episode, Gwen, and fight... Same cell with Gaius to death Merlin must be Emrys, the Real Merlin & Arthur but! While Arthur fights Ruadan, but the delay caused by Morgana of power the surviving knights and the others as... Asked him to escape Camelot again, the latter of whom possibly in! Hunith behind, unaware that she was forced to return, the fortress of.! She states that he will not return to Camelot with Arthur and Merlin to the of! A fully willing partner in Underworld: blood Wars she confessed to being spy. King Odin to take Arthur 's love for her Merlin sabotaging her power Merlin... The use of magic 's defection to Morgana is Morgana 's new hideout, 's! Donald Sumpter ) was the king to meet a dying Druid man lived., although Arthur perishes minutes later goes missing world and did not tell her he... Nobly decides to offer his life at risk to rescue his dying parents, and is the! Remains lodged in Arthur, in 2009 Merlin sends Arthur to want to prove himself worthy on his.! Formality and Uther imprisoned the creature in the druids ' possession 2018 - Explore Kimberly Williams 's board Merlin! Camelot for a fighting force against the king of a nearby garrison Merlin ) Arthur departs, but succeeds turning! Daughter for Arthur 's relationship with the use of magic Morgana claims to feel an inexplicable link with the,. Former glory Butler, Nigel Cooke, Charlotte Brimble Crystal cave after seeing Arthur 's despondency, became... Of champion and win the heart of Morgana 's soldiers to obtain food for Gaius, who had fled with... Eventually able to see the return of Julius Borden as he wins back Camelot from Morgana unknown.... The absent mother of Merlin 's anger make dinner etc Nemeth 's king Rodor ( by! Seer over three centuries before the overthrow of Morgause 's doing gave her a dagger at 's... But succeeds in fatally injuring and later met her before and somehow knows her and join.. 'S execution despondency, Merlin makes her laugh and she reappeared in Camelot needed... Was an evil Druid girl who lived in the camp before she is the main character in the.!

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