Team member 

Visiting Professor cs (Greek History & Greek Philosophy), Centre of Exact Humanities /IIIT-Hyderabad

Telangana / Madrid.


CV: Sánchez Hernández

Fields of Research

Greece and Asia Minor in Hellenistic-imperial period (history and institutions), Greek literature of the imperial period (Second Sophistic, novel, etc.) and travel literature and Rome’ s eastern trade.

Publications of interest

  •  Sánchez J. P, Oriente y Occidente en la Antigüedad clásica, Madrid: Síntesis 2019.
  • Sánchez J. P. “The Indian Ocean trade and the Ancient novel” In M. Cobb (eds.) The Indian Ocean in Antiquity: Eleven Essays on its Political, Cultural and Economic Impact.(forthcoming in Routledge).
  • Sánchez J. P.  “Aelius Aristides as teacher”. In: Greece & Rome , 63.2 (2016), 227–236.
  • Sánchez J. P.  “ Sipylene. the Great Mother on Mount Sipylus” In  García Bellido Mª Paz-Molina Valero, C.-J.P. Sánchez  (eds.), Between Tarhuntas and Zeus Polieus: culture crossroads in temples and cults of Graeco-Roman Anatolia. [Colloquia Antiqua, 17], (2016) 225-245.
  • Sánchez J. P. “Pausanias and Rome’ eastern trade”  Mnemosyne, 69.6 (2016), 955977.
  • Sánchez J. P.  “Neaniskoi. The privileged youth of Lesbos in Longus’ Daphnis and Chloe”  Materiali e discussione per l’analisi de testi classici (MD) 74 (2015), 181-203.